In-Person 1:1 Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching
The first session is always free and it gives me a chance to see where you're at and what you're looking for. From there I create an individualized program just for you. Regardless of what fitness level you're at, or what physical limitations you have, I work with you where you are RIGHT NOW.

I also offer nutrition coaching for all my in-person training clients as an added bonus. With both individualized training and nutrition coaching you have everything you need to be successful at whatever goal you have in mind.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching
I don't assign meal plans and I won't tell you that you have to follow any one particular diet. My nutrition coaching philosophy is that any diet can work, as long as it works for you and your lifestyle and it's something you can see yourself doing consistently long-term.

Together we figure out what you've done in the past, what has worked and what hasn't worked and why, and then we decide what changes we need to make that make sense for you. It's a process that takes a little bit longer to navigate, but it's one that will last a lifetime.

Virtual Personal Training
It's like you're carrying me with you wherever you go!

You tell me what equipment you have available to you, whether you're exercising from home or at a gym, what your time commitment is like, and what your goals are. From there I design a workout program for you complete with video demonstrations. I am also at your beck and call any time you have a question or if the program needs to be adjusted on the fly.

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