In-Person 1:1 Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching
The first session is always free and it gives me a chance to see where you're at and what you're looking for. From there I create an individualized program just for you. Regardless of what fitness level you're at, or what physical limitations you have, I work with you where you are RIGHT NOW.

I also offer nutrition coaching for all my in-person training clients as an added bonus. With both individualized training and nutrition coaching you have everything you need to be successful at whatever goal you have in mind.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching
I don't assign meal plans and I won't tell you that you have to follow any one particular diet. My nutrition coaching philosophy is that any diet can work, as long as it works for you and your lifestyle and it's something you can see yourself doing consistently long-term.

Together we figure out what you've done in the past, what has worked and what hasn't worked and why, and then we decide what changes we need to make that make sense for you. It's a process that takes a little bit longer to navigate, but it's one that will last a lifetime.

Virtual Personal Training
It's like you're carrying me with you wherever you go!

You tell me what equipment you have available to you, whether you're exercising from home or at a gym, what your time commitment is like, and what your goals are. From there I design a workout program for you complete with video demonstrations. I am also at your beck and call any time you have a question or if the program needs to be adjusted on the fly.

12-Week Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Program

Do you find yourself constantly starting a fitness or diet program only to find yourself right back where you started several months later?

Is that a pattern that you've noticed? Continually starting a new program, doing it for a while, but eventually falling off only having to restart all over again down the road?

Why is it so difficult to stick with these programs? Why do they always eventually fail?

In order to have success with your health and fitness goals long-term, you need three things:


  1. You need a long-term strategy. It’s not enough to just know what your goal is, you also need to be clear on your PROCESS of how you’re going to get there. Having a goal is great, it always helps to have something to work towards. But both successful and unsuccessful people can have the same goal, so why do some people achieve it and others don’t? It comes down to being very clear on HOW you’re going to get there and what small daily habits you incorporate into your life that, on a day to day basis don’t seem like that much, but really add up over time. Then, sticking with them even when it seems like you’re not making any progress.


  1. You need to understand your habits and what drives them. Most of us go through life on auto-pilot, completely unaware of how our thoughts and desires drive our actions. Only once you become aware of a) what your patterns are, and b) what’s driving them, can you begin to change them. Otherwise, we just fall right back into the same habits once the diet or exercise program has ended, and we feel like we’ve failed and have to start all over again. This is where the cycle of the yo-yo dieting begins.


  1. You need a holistic approach with your health and fitness. It’s important to include ALL aspects of your health into consideration, NOT just your exercise program or your diet. Stress, sleep, hydration, and your mental and emotional state all play a role in how we look and feel. Just focusing on exercise or your diet doesn’t take those other elements into consideration, and you might end up working very hard but still not feeling great on the inside, or you might not achieve the results you were hoping for despite your best efforts, leaving you wondering where you went wrong.


This program is different from everything else out there because it focuses on building habits for life. With most nutrition or fitness programs, you’re told what to do and what to eat, but you’re not given much guidance on what to do once the program is over, so you end up just reverting back to whatever it was that you were doing before, and that tends to lead to rebounding and having to start from scratch all over again.


Because we all have different struggles and differing levels of knowledge or experience, it doesn’t make much sense for me to give out a cookie-cutter approach. So this program gives you the tools to look at your own life and make it work for you within your given set of circumstances. Once you’re armed with that knowledge and you know how to apply it in a way that works for YOU, you have it for life.

If this resonates with you and you'd like to learn more, feel free to schedule at 30 minute complimentary discovery call with me so we can see if you'd be a good fit for the program.