In-Person 1:1 Personal Training
The first session is always free and it gives me a chance to see where you're at and what you're looking for. From there I create an individualized program just for you. Regardless of what fitness level you're at, or what physical limitations you have, I work with you where you are RIGHT NOW.
Virtual Nutrition Coaching
You've tried it all before. The calorie counting, the macro counting, food logging, point've maybe even worked with multiple coaches in the past.

For some reason, those things only work for a short period of time before you find yourself getting frustrated or tired of the same old methods, taking a "short break," and then finding yourself back at square one several months later.
What I do is a little different.

I work with clients to explore:

1) WHY those things never seem to work for you.

2) WHY you continue to make dis-empowering choices around food even though you know you "shouldn't."

And, I have a secret for don't lack willpower. You don't need more motivation. You don't need more accountability.
What you need is someone to reveal the true pattern of what's really been holding you back, and then work with you to help you re-learn how to trust yourself around food, establish self-accountability, release judgement of your struggles so that you can begin to really understand what's been going on, and identify and explore your triggers so you can finally understand why you continue to make the same choices.

I do all of this in a FREE 1 hour Discovery Call where we explore the true cause of your pain, and what your journey needs to look like in order for you to overcome these obstacles for good.

Email me if this is something you'd like to learn more about!


Since it can be tricky to explain what I do in words, here are some


sample conversations that I've had with clients.


It's possible you may identify with one or more of these scenarios:

Virtual Personal Training
It's like you're carrying me with you wherever you go!

You tell me what equipment you have available to you, whether you're exercising from home or at a gym, what your time commitment is like, and what your goals are. From there I design a workout program for you complete with video demonstrations. I am also at your beck and call any time you have a question or if the program needs to be adjusted on the fly.