You must push past your pain to achieve your dreams

Only when the pain is greater than staying the same can we begin to take the steps towards change.

Resistance is going to be there.


You have to move forward in SPITE of resistance.

You have to learn to push past it otherwise you could be giving up on your dream.

Do you know how long it took me to start my own business? 12 years.

For 12 years I sat on the sidelines out of fear.

Am I still scared? Absolutely.

Posting about my life and my experiences and my thoughts and my opinions on public forums is extremely scary.

What if people think I’m annoying? What if people don’t agree with me? What if people laugh at me?What if I fail?

A year ago I decided to push those thoughts aside and ignore them every minute of every day.

I can’t let my own feelings of resistance stop me from getting what I want anymore because the pain of staying the same has outgrown my fear.

The sick skinny girl all those years ago decided to pick up a barbell and train through injuries and setbacks for 10 years because the pain of staying the same far outweighed the resistance I met along the way.

What fear and resistance will you push past today to move past your pain?