What "normal" eating looks like

It is possible to eat "normally" and to have a "healthy" relationship with food.

This is what it looks like:

1) There are no “good” foods and no “bad” foods. When you don’t think of foods as either “good” or “bad” then you don’t have to completely restrict anything altogether. Once there’s no longer this anxiety about eating or not eating certain things, it’s easier to let go of the shame and guilt for occasionally treating yourself to something that you desire. There’s also less of an opportunity for the “fuck-it” mentality that comes with “slipping up” on your diet. You just eat the desert you want and move on, but it's not something that you turn to to fulfill a deeper need.

2) You eat when you’re hungry, and you stop eating when you’re full, and there’s no stress or obsession about what you’re going to eat or not eat that day. You’re simply listening to your body’s own cues and eating for the sake of hunger alone.

3) There are no rules and regulations: your day doesn’t consist of avoiding certain food groups, counting calories, or limiting your meal-time to certain times of the day.

4) Eating has zero ties to any emotional experience and it’s not an escape from boredom.

5) You enjoy going out for dinner with friends and family and can order the meal that you truly desire off the menu without feeling bad about it.

6) Healthy eating isn’t a perfect science: it’s just consuming mostly whole-foods and drinking mostly water. That’s it.

Yes, it’s possible to live life like this.

When you live like this you enjoy food but it’s not an area of stress or anxiety.

When you live like this you’re able to eat the foods that you love and still maintain a healthy body-weight.

When you live like this you’re not following any particular diet, you're simply eating well-balanced meals made up of whole foods.