Thoughts aren't reality

Every decision that you will ever make will have an emotional driver behind it.

Whether you realize it or not.

This is why it’s so important to question your thoughts and beliefs.

They don’t always have basis in truth.

If your head is surrounded by negativity, and you’re stuck in victim mode, it’s not a happy place to live in.

Not only are you holding yourself back from your own potential...

...the sadness is not easy to live with, and food is a great vehicle for dealing with that.

I have that ugly voice in my head, too.

I named her Becky.

Becky used to have full control over me.

She kept me inside a box out of fear.

She made me feel stupid, ugly, and that I wasn’t worthy of asking for more.

I listened to her for a very long time.

One day I decided I was sick of her and it was time to end our relationship.

At first it was very difficult to distinguish between Becky’s voice and my voice.

But I started questioning her more.

The more I ignored Becky, the happier I got.

It’s not easy, she’s always there.

She may never go away completely.

But over time her voice has gotten dimmer.

You may recognize Becky when she says thing like:

“It’s so easy for HER, she doesn’t have to work hard to lose weight.”

“SHE can eat anything she wants.”

“HER life is easy, she has time to go to the gym.”

How do you know what HER situation really is?

That woman you’re envious of might have an eating disorder that you don’t know about.

Maybe her inner Becky is so horrible that it drives her to exercise and exhaustion.

She might be fighting a battle that you know nothing about, it’s just manifesting itself in a different way than yours is.

Be weary of the stories you tell yourself.

Pay attention if they’re leading you towards unwanted snacking or eating.

Say goodbye to your Becky.

Take ownership of what you can and can’t control in your life and watch your thoughts, and your eating behaviors, change before your eyes.

Photo on the left: Becky ruled my life and I lived in hatred of myself.

Photo on the right: Becky is still present, but she no longer controls me.