The word "SHOULD" is holding you back


That one small word can do a great deal of damage, can’t it?

With one word it can unravel all of your hard work and progress and send you into a complete tailspin of negative thoughts and self-doubt.

❌ “I SHOULD weigh less than this by now.”

❌ “I SHOULD have made more progress by now.”

❌“I SHOULD look better than this.”

❌ “I SHOULD have abs already.”

❌ “I SHOULD be eating better.”

What does “SHOULD” even mean, anyway?!

Who determines where we SHOULD be? Or what we SHOULD be doing?

The next time you catch yourself SHOULDing, stop and really ask yourself, according to what? According to who?

What if you changed SHOULD to COULD? How would that change your perspective, and then your actions?

I COULD weigh less…..if I did what?

I COULD make more progress…if I changed what?

I COULD be eating better….if…what?

I think it’s time that we stop SHOULDing all over ourselves, and instead, come up with a plan and a strategy to keep moving forward.

Changing that one little word can put a stop to the blame game, and you can begin holding yourself accountable for where you’re currently at, and then come up with a solution to move toward where you’d like to be.

What SHOULD can you change to COULD today?