The answer is to look within

Have you ever watched a really small child around food?

Children are super intuitive eaters.

They eat when they’re hungry and they stop eating when they’re full.

If that’s how we start out, what changes as we age?


We have more experiences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

Over time we develop ways to cope with the memories of these experiences.

We use food to move towards pleasure from a positive memory or association…

…or we use food to move away from pain from a negative memory or association.

Why food?

It’s quick.

It’s easy.

It’s readily available.

It provides an immediate dopamine hit to the brain.

A lot of diet programs JUST focus on food.

How many calories you’re eating, how much protein you’re getting, limiting fats or carbs…

And yes, those things are important.

But it’s only ONE HALF of the equation.

We’re emotional beings.

Sometimes there are other things going on beneath the surface that just focusing on the food can’t address.

If you’re someone that starts off on a diet or nutrition plan and everything is going well for a few weeks...

But then all of a sudden you ALWAYS seem to self-sabotage and go on a “binge” and “ruin” all your progress…

…or if you’ve noticed that you always find yourself standing in the cupboard snacking when you’re bored….

Guess what? Food is being used to fulfill an emotional need for you.

And this has turned into a habit and your way to cope.

The commercial diet and weight-loss industry is only addressing one piece of the puzzle and leaving you to fend for yourself with the most complex part.

The answer is not in finding the right diet plan.

The answer involves looking within.