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Trying to gain muscle? Lose weight? Just eat healthy? Then finding the right portions is probably on your mind. Managing your body weight is a simple equation of eating more than you burn and you will gain weight, and eating less than you burn and you will lose weight. Counting calories can help you figure out what your energy-in-energy-out balance looks like. But counting calories is can be a huge hassle. It's annoying, impractical, and research shows it can be up to 25 percent inaccurate on both sides - calories in, and calories out. And what happens when you’re traveling, going out for dinner, you don’t have your food scales/measuring spoons with you, or you just don’t have the time/patience to spend measuring and weighing everything you eat?

You don't need to measure and weigh everything you eat in order to have a good estimate of the amount of food you're consuming.

Here are a few easy tips for portion sizes you can use instead:

1) Your palm determines your protein portion: for men, 2 palm sized portions of lean protein at each meal. For women,1 palm-sizes portion at each meal.

2) Your fist determines your carbohydrate portions: for men, 2 cupped hand-sized portions, and 1 for women

3) Your thumb determines your fat portions: 2 thumb-sized portions for men, 1 for women.

These are simply estimates, and some people might require more or less food depending on your size, activity levels and goals, so scale your quantities accordingly.

This system counts your calories for you, and gets your macronutrient quantities in the ballpark, without having to do any food label math or measuring. In addition, your hands are scaled to your size, the bigger you are, the bigger your hands, the more food you need, and the more food you get.

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