Core Need: Love & Connection

Your alarm goes off at 7 am.

Bleary-eyed, you saunter downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast.

You know that you’re supposed to eat that egg white frittata.

That annoying NOOM coach stressed the “importance of protein at every meal” on your last email check-in 🙄


Last night was a shitshow.

Work was crazy yesterday, and for whatever reason, you always seem to be the girl that everyone goes to when all hell breaks loose.

Did the boss really have to yell at you, though?

Instead of bothering with dinner you ended up bingeing on some cookies that you found at the back of your pantry.

📣 Re-arranging your cupboard so the sweets aren’t as visible really didn’t F-ing work, “Coach”…!

You already messed up on your diet so why even bother?

You grab the box of cereal instead.

This whole diet thing is just not working.

You know what you should be doing….

…so why is it so hard?!

Yesterday I shared how food can be used to fulfill the core need of Certainty.

Today, I’m going to reveal (one of my favorites) 💥 Love & Connection 💥

We all need to feel connected to something or someone else.

We want to be cared for and feel a closeness with like-minded people – be it friends, family, colleagues or an online community.

Sometimes, food is used to fill a void where love and connection is perceived to be lacking,

Or where we’ve been taught at a very young age that food = love.

Usually, the need for food to fulfill a core need stems from a triggering event.

For someone that turns to food to find love and connection, it’s an event that causes them to feel alone, unloved, or incapable of love.

This can be painful to face.

Learning to connect the dots and become aware of these thought patterns,

the events that trigger them,

and how food is being used to satisfy a certain need can be quite eye-opening…

….and a necessary piece of the puzzle that’s often overlooked.