Core Need: Certainty

I’m gonna be honest….

Usually, food isn’t the issue.

It’s a symptom of something much, much deeper.

If you’ve only ever focused on food, and figuring out how to control what you’re eating and when, and it never seem to work…

It might be time to look deeper.

As human beings, we require that certain fundamental needs be met in order to achieve happiness and success.

These are called 💥Core Needs 💥

We're all motivated by the desire to fulfill 👉 6 core needs.

Everyone subconsciously makes choices based on how they have been taught to successfully meet their core needs….

But, the way in which we choose to meet them differs between us.

Often, food is one way we are able to meet our top core needs and deal with those experiences.

Food becomes a vehicle to move towards the comfort of a positive memory or association.

Or food is used to move away from pain from a negative memory or association.

The first of the 6 core needs is Certainty 🕵️‍♀️

We all have a need for certainty, safety, stability and predictability in our lives.

We like to feel secure in our jobs, in our homes and in our relationships.

When we lack certainty, we panic and get stressed.

Food can be used as a tool to create a sense of control and safety.

For example:

Is your life kind of chaotic?

Are you always running around and doing things for other people?

Do you find yourself grabbing handfuls of food throughout the day and you just can’t seem to understand why or how to stop?

In these moments, you might be subconsciously creating pockets of time where you can have control over what is happening and what the outcome will be.

In those brief moments, food is providing you with a sense of certainty.

RESTRICTING food and creating a lot of RULES around food can also provide feelings of certainty.

Take a moment and sit with this. Does this ring true for you?

If so, creating MORE rules or ADDING to your busy life might be holding you back.

FOOD isn't the issue... it's the way in which it's being USED.

Address the source of the problem and the solution (food) is no longer a factor.