Ending the dieting cycle for good

You can only white-knuckle an unwanted behavior through sheer willpower for so long before reverting back to old patterns.

If you never address the underlying cause of your ingrained habit...

...it’s like pulling a weed out of the ground but leaving the roots there to grow back later.

Here’s what I mean:

A lot of the time, food is way more than just food.

Sometimes, we use food to fulfill a deeper need.

Maybe food provides a deep need for certainty when everything else seems so uncertain.

Maybe it’s a way of making you feel significant because you always feel completely invisible.

Maybe it gives you a feeling of love and connection so that you no longer feel alone.

Following a meal plan in an attempt to keep you from the sweets that you love,

Or deciding not to eat after 8 pm to avoid evening binges will only work for so long.

Doing the deep inner work is the ONLY way to break these cycles.

A fitness app or a meal guide will never be able to do that for you.