Core Need: Variety

Over the past few days I’ve been revealing the 6 core human needs that drive all human actions and how they can affect our relationship with food.

Today I’m going to continue with the next core need: 💥 Variety 💥

Sometimes, we use food to satisfy a deep inner desire for variety in our lives.

Maybe this sounds like you ⤵

When you go out for dinner, do you find yourself unable to choose which delicious dish you want to eat?

Maybe you ask your partner if you can each order something different and split them so you can experience more than one option?

Do you like to order multiple appetizers because they all look so good and you just can’t choose?

If you’re at the buffet or potluck, do you taste a little bit of everything for fear of missing out on something?

Do frequent or sudden urges for something tasty late at night make you feel like you’re sabotaging your progress because you keep “cheating” on your diet?

If this sounds like you 👉 you might be using food to satisfy a core need for variety.

Those who crave variety are excited by change or experiencing new things.

Food is an easily accessible way to access variety quickly and is often used spontaneously and impulsively.

If all of this rings true for you, and having variety in your life is important, then that’s really important to know!

Right now, your need for variety is being fulfilled through food, but if you have a fitness or health goal, your current way of accessing variety is in complete opposition of that.

The answer might be to figure out what other ways you can create variety in your life that don’t revolve around food, or…

…figure out how you can still get variety through food, but make choices that are also in alignment with your health goals.

The better you understand yourself (your thoughts/feelings/deepest desires) the better you can create a plan that works for you.

Playing the blame game won't get you very far.