Core Need: Growth

Humans are emotional beings.

We all operate based on fundamental core needs.

These needs drive our actions, whether we realize it or not.

Sometimes, we use food to fulfill these needs if they aren’t being met elsewhere in our lives.

The need to feel like we’re reaching our full potential is very important to us.

This core need is called 💥 Growth 💥

We NEED to feel like we’re evolving into the person we desire to be.


If we feel stuck in our current situation,

and we see no way of advancing…

It’s easy to turn to food to cope with the frustration.

When food is used to fill a need for growth, it can be because of the following ⤵️

👉 Feeling like you’re stuck in a relationship that’s not evolving

👉 Working at a company for years but always feeling undervalued and underpaid

👉 Being told that you’ll never be successful or amount to anything


👉 👉 Being teased for being small when you were younger, and now subconsciously eating to feel big and strong.

If this resonates with you,

It’s important to understand that food is only numbing the pain.

And if weight-loss is important to you,

Then using food in this way isn’t serving you.

Once this connection has been made, you can begin to tackle the heart of what’s really going on.

Yes, this is more complicated than following a meal plan, cutting out carbs, or counting calories 🤯

But you’ve tried all those things and they didn’t work for very long.

That’s because sometimes it’s necessary to delve much deeper than that.

But once you’ve successfully worked past these obstacles,

You’ll no longer feel stuck emotionally,

And the health and fitness goals you’ve been chasing will finally be obtainable for you….

Once and for all.