Begin asking yourself, "What do I actually want?"

“For a few weeks, I started each morning by writing, ‘What do I actually want?’ at the top of a blank page…

…Once I knew what I wanted, I turned it into action steps.”

-James Clear

✍️ "I want to lose weight."

Why do you want to lose weight?

What about that is important to you?

Is that what you REALLY want, or are you searching for something…else?

✍️ "I want to have more energy."

Why do you want to have more energy?

Why is that important to you?

✍️ "I want a toned stomach."

Why do you want a toned stomach?

Is that REALLY what you want?

Or are you expecting THAT to deliver what it is that you ACTUALLY long for?

When you continuously ask yourself the same questions, each time the answer becomes more precise,

The path forward becomes clearer,

And motivation grows.