The Iron Journey Fitness facility is an 800 sq foot space in the basement of my home. It is 100% private and I only take on one client at a time, or two clients who wish to train together. It is perfect for someone looking for one-on-one individualized attention, or somebody seeking privacy from large gym settings.

All of my equipment is state-of-the-art and top of the line. I have several Atlantis pieces that you will not find at any commercial gym facility. The beauty of these machines is that they're set up so that you can move each limb independently, which is great for building unilateral strength in order to overcome plateaus, or repair/prevent strength imbalances.

I have a barbell and a squat rack, hex bar, leg press, hamstring curl, pendulum squat machine, reverse hyper, 45 degree back extension, seated row and lat pulldown machines, a full set of dumbbells, as well as a turf for sled work. I have everything you need and more in order to begin your strength training journey, or push past plateaus as an advanced lifter.