Client Wins

Bobby trained with me once a week for 3 months  where he learned to weight-train for the first time.

He also did nutrition coaching where we created a routine to ensure he got good quality sleep at night, and ate well-balanced meals.

So proud of this guy!


Tom trained with me once a week for 12 weeks. He came to me with pain in his left shoulder, which you can see in the before photo on the left was slightly elevated.

We worked on building strength and focused on his upper back.

We also did some nutrition coaching to ensure he was getting enough protein on his vegan diet.

After 12 weeks his shoulders are even, and he's pain free!


When Dan started training with me he was recovering from ankle reconstructive surgery from a soccer injury.

He had subsequent nerve damage from the injury and was in constant pain.

We took it really slow, working 3 days a week to build strength and stability in his lower body.

Due to his desk job, his neck and shoulders were also in chronic pain, so we spent a lot of time building strength in his upper back to take stress off his neck.

After 6 months he was able to put on some significant muscle, his strength skyrocketed, and he's able to walk, run, and lift pain free.


Watch how we progressed Dan to gradually more advanced exercises as he got stronger.

Sarah came to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight, but also reduce the pain she was feeling in her knees and hips.

Training twice a week focusing on developing glute and core strength, she's able to lift weights in the gym she never thought possible.

We also did some nutrition coaching which involved eating more whole foods and getting to the bottom of her cravings for sweets.

In 5 months she's lost 12lbs, she's pain free, and we're just getting started.


Watch Sarah progress from squatting with back pain to a bench, to squatting pain free with a barbell.